Family Dinner

In the prosperous and chic apartament of the Christiansson family there are odd things going on. While Niclas is in the kitchen preparing dinner, in the bathroom an adultery is being committed through new technologies. Maja is exchanging kinky messages on her mobile phone from the bathtub while her husband and daughter are impatiently waiting for her to have a family dinner. Even when her phone is out of battery, she cannot bring herself to stop.

Stefan Constantinescu is a visual artist and a film director. In 2009, he represented Romania at The Venice Biennale, with the films ”Passagen” and ”Troleibuzul 92”. Stefan Constatinescu lives and works in Stockholm and Bucharest.

Helene Lindholm has produced She Monkeys which won awards for Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Sound at the Swedish Guldbagge Awards.


Family Dinner competes in the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, in the prestigious la Semaine de la Critique.


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Family Dinner. DIRECTOR Stefan Constantinescu. PRODUCER Helene Lindholm. SCRIPT Xandra Popescu, Stefan Constantinescu. CAST Fanny Risberg, Michael Jansson, Fanny Garanger. LENGTH 14.30 min. FORMAT 35 mm.