Seat 26D

Seat 26D explores the inexpressible. With scale models built of paper, digital animation and live action, it reconstructs a passenger’s memory of a plane crash.

Early morning, December 27th 1991. Flight 751 is taking off from Stockholm-Arlanda. 13-year old Sandro is looking forward to spending his Christmas holiday in Japan. At 1,000 meters altitude violent explosions are heard from both sides of the plane. The engines go quiet and they are silently gliding through the air. The pilots are forced to make an emergency landing and the plane crashes on a snow-capped field near the small village of Gottröra. The flight lasted 4 minutes, but the memory lasts a lifetime. Sandro narrates the story about the day he was about to die.

Seat 26D is animated and directed by Karolina Brobäck (b 1978). She has been a part of the Atmo crew since 2008 and her engagement as a senior layout artist, animator and compositor in Metropia by Tarik Saleh. Karolina Brobäck has continued with Atmo collaborations and has created graphic designs for several Atmo productions. She has also been an assistant director to Tarik Saleh and Stefan Constantinescu. Seat 26D is her first short film.

Seat 26D had it’s premiere on January 26th, 2014, at Startsladden (Best Swedish Short Award), a part of the 2014 Gothenburg International Film Festival. Karolina Brobäck is also in competition in New Doc at the 15th Tempo Documentary Festival in Stockholm.


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Karolina Brobäck

Seat 26D. ORIGINAL TITLE Seat 26D. DIRECTOR Karolina Brobäck. PRODUCER Kristina Åberg. LENGTH 14 min. NARRATOR Sandro. STARRING Nadja Weiss, Michel Jern, Lefteris Ballatsas, Julia Bengtsson. VOICES Thomas Brisson, Jørgensen, Agnes Lundin. PRODUCTION DESIGNER Anton Thorsson. PHOTOGRAPHER Jonas Esteban Isfält. EDITOR Erika Gonzales SFK. SOUND DESIGNER Anna My Bertmark. COMPOSER John Ola Håkansson. GRAPHIC DESIGNER Andreas Jacobsson. ANIMATOR & COMPOSITOR Karolina Brobäck GENRE Documentary. FORMAT DCP, Scope 2.39:1. PRODUCTION COMPANY Atmo Rights AB. CO-PRODUCERS Sveriges Television AB, Helena Ingelsten, Andrea Östlund, Film i Väst AB, Sofie Björklund WITH SUPPORT FROM The Swedish Film Institute, Cecilia Lidin, Film Stockholm, Filmbasen, Region Halland, Swedish Arts Grants Committee.