Six Big Fish

Ann Sofi and Andreas are a couple of Swedish artists. Ann Sofi sees art as a means of expressing her personal experiences and records her daily life obsessively with a video-camera. One summer afternoon, their neighbor, an amateur fisherman, offers them a bag of live fish. Because neither of them cares to slaughter them, they put them in a freezer. A few hours later they find that the fish are still alive The two embark on a mission to release the fish in the nearest pond. The obstacles they encounter bring to light their differing approaches to art, life and authorship.

Stefan Constantinescu is a visual artist and a film director. In 2009, he represented Romania at The Venice Biennale, with the films ”Passagen” and ”Troleibuzul 92”. Stefan Constatinescu lives and works in Stockholm and Bucharest.


Six Big Fish has been selected for the competition Best Swedish Short Award at the 2013 Gothenburg International Film Festival.

Six Big Fish has been selected, as the only Swedish film, for the 66th edition of the Festival del film Locarno, which will take place from the 7th to the 17th of August 2013, in the International Competition Pardi di domani.


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Six Big Fish. DIRECTOR Stefan Constantinescu. SCRIPTWRITERS Xandra Popescu, Stefan Constantinescu. PRODUCER Helene Lindholm.  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Kristina Åberg. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Alexandru Timosca FSF. PRODUCTION DESIGNER Adrian Cristea. COSTUMES Maria Silva Pitea. EDITOR Rasmus Ohlander SFK. SOUND DESIGNER Anna Bertmark. FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Max Andersson. PRODUCTION ASSISTENT Abdi Abucar. PRODUCTION SERVICE Hi Film. SOUND MIX Gabor Pasztor.