The Voice

Fundamental Christians and Muslims have finally found out that their basic values are pretty much the same. They join forces and take command of the prosperous northern hemisphere.

The rest of the planet is about to be sealed off by a giant world wide wall. Villains, heathens and other evil people stay on that other side of the wall. Long live the Great Northern Union! But nobody is safe, the threat is impending. Is the enemy among us? Where is the solution to the problem? The Voice Television Network gives us an answer.

The film uses the same technique as in the Read My Lips series. All pictures comes from the archives. Famous and infamous personalities participate as hosts and spokesmen. In leading roles we find Jean-Marie Le Pen, a number of American presidents, Ayatollah Khamenei, Adolf Hitler, Usama Bin Laden, etc.

Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, 2005.
Festival Invideo, Milano, 2005.Cosmic Zoom, Köpenhamn 2006.
Helsinki Int. Film Festival 2006.
IMAGO Funão, Portugal 2006.
Doclisboa, Portugal 2007.


Kristina Åberg
+46 70 768 31 33

The Voice. DIRECTOR Johan Söderberg PRODUCER Kristina Åberg LENGTH 28 min. LANGUAGE English. EDITOR Johan Söderberg. MUSIC Johan Söderberg SOUND PRODUCTION David Österberg. RELEASE DATE 2005-10-18