Orlando and Mikael go under the knife in hope of finding their true selves, only to realize that life on the other side isn’t as they had dreamed of. Now, well into their 60s, the two meet for the first time to talk about their lives as well as the one defining regret they both share: their sex change. Regretters is directed by Marcus Lindeen.

Regretters is a film that stays with you long after you finish watching it, beautiful in both style and substance, and definitely one of the most thought-provoking films I’ve seen this year.

The Documentary Blog

Absolutely stellar filmmaking here, providing enlightened, frank and beautiful portraits to share with the audience. It’s a must-see.

Movie Moxie

The best film of the year is probably already here. Completely and utterly breathtaking and amazing. You. Must. See. It.

Cinema, Swedish Film Magazine

Regretters is one of the best Swedish documentaries I have ever seen.

Svenska Dagbladet

One of the most dazzling documentary films in ages. I have rarely seen a film with this much SOUL.

P3 Kultur, The National Swedish Radio

Excellent… I was blown away in the cinema.

People Magazine

Whoever gave talking heads a bad name should bow their head in shame when confronted with Regretters. Marcus Lindeen’s sensitive portrait of two men in conversation is a stunning testimony to the magic of a face, a meeting and the potency of sharing your life story. A complete and highly intense film.

DOX, The European Documentary Magazine


Regretters is awarded as ”The Best 2011 TV Documentary” by Kristallen, the Swedish Television Award Foundation.

Regretters is awarded a Guldbagge for Best Documentary at The Swedish Academy Awards 2011.

Regretters is awarded as The best documentary production in Europe at THE 2010 Prix Europa.

Regretters awarded the Jury Prize at Hamburg International Queer Film Festival 2010

Regretters awarded Best Documentary at Queer Lisboa 2010.


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Regretters. ORIGINAL TITLE Ångrarna. DIRECTOR Marcus Lindeen. PRODUCER Kristina Åberg. STARRING Orlando Fagin, Mikael Johansson. EDITORS Marinella Angusti, Kristin Grundström CINEMATOGRAPHER Erik Persson. COMPOSER Martin Willert. GENRE Documentary. LENGTH 60 min. LANGUAGE Swedish. RELEASE DATE 2010.